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This project contains a single file - haikus.txt - a collection of Haikus (1) written by you. It starts with your first Haiku, Bugs .

  1. A Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem consisting of three phrases with the following structure

    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables

    Technically, there's more to it than that. But we'll stick with this loose definition since you're just here to learn Git.

cd path/to/parent/dir/
mkdir haiku && cd haiku
git init

echo "Bugs crawl through my code" > haikus.txt
echo "Destroying my work" >> haikus.txt
echo "I will fumigate" >> haikus.txt

git add haikus.txt
git commit -m "Completed Haiku: Bugs"

After completing your first Haiku, you begin work on a second one named Sunlight ☀.

echo "" >> haikus.txt
echo "I yearn for sunlight" >> haikus.txt
echo "But here I code in the dark" >> haikus.txt

Clearly, you're still searching for that final phrase to complete your masterpiece. However, you notice a bug in your Bugs Haiku (lol, the irony 😆). The second line has 5 syllables instead of the required 7!

State of things

bill@gates:~$ git status
On branch main
Changes not staged for commit:
  (use "git add <file>..." to update what will be committed)
  (use "git restore <file>..." to discard changes in working directory)
    modified:   haikus.txt
bill@gates:~$ git log --oneline
0770486 (HEAD -> main) Completed Haiku: Bugs


Create a new branch named bug-fix for fixing your Bugs Haiku. Once you've got it fixed, commit the change and merge it into main. Then proceed to finish and commit your second Haiku, Sunlight.