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Free... Lifetime... Access! 🤩

to our Pro plan if you do just one of these things.

  • Post about us on an established blog.
  • Make a tweet about us that gets 20+ likes or 5+ retweets from non-private accounts.
  • Make a video about us on YouTube that gets 100+ views.
  • Make a video about us on Twitch that gets 100+ views.
  • Make a post or comment about us on Reddit that gets 10+ upvotes.
  • Make a post about us on LinkedIn that gets 10+ likes.
  • Educators, share our platform with your students. We'll even give them free, temporary access codes for our Pro plan.


  • Posts must include a link to our site (any page).
  • Posts must have a positive (or neutral) tone.
  • Posts must be "genuine" promotions. No gaming the system through the use of bots, fake accounts, or other disingenuous means.
  • You must prove that you're the owner of a post to receive credit for it.
  • You may not share any of our gated content, or repurpose our content as your own, in accordance with our terms of service.

Got a better idea?

Should we add something to this list? Let us know!

Contact us about redeeming your free lifetime access after posting.