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Unfair Venues

The public table bigquery-public-data.ncaa_basketball.mbb_games_sr contains the results of NCAA mens basketball games. Use this table to determine the most "unfair" venues during the 2016 season, where the number of personal fouls called on the away team was significantly higher than the home team. Specifically,

  • Filter the games for season 2016
  • Group the data by venue_name
  • Exclude venues with fewer than 10 games
  • Sort the result by the average difference in personal fouls (home - away, descending)
Expected Result


Save the result as a view.

What's a view?

A view is like a table whose data is based upon a query. For example, if you have a big table of sales that you want to aggregate as monthly_sales. Two options you might consider are

  1. Schedule a daily query to update your monthly_sales table
  2. Make monthly_sales a view (as opposed to a table)

Pro & Cons

  1. The view is always up-to-date, whereas the table can be ~24 hours stale.
  2. The table takes up storage. The view doesn't.
  3. Accessing data from the table is be faster than from the view.
  4. The view executes the query as needed whereas the table executes the query once per day.
Where is the ncaa_basketball dataset?

Search for "ncaa_basketball" in the explorer pane and it should come up. (See how to find public datasets.)