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Unsold Inventory

The public dataset bigquery-public-data.thelook_ecommerce contains fictitious ecommerce data like

  • distribution_centers

  • inventory_items

Determine the value (cost of goods) of unsold inventory for each distribution center. Sort the results from high to low.

Expected Result

View the data while you write the query

BigQuery Console's split tab view lets you see your data as you write in the editor. You can open a table in a split pane with

  • Cmd+Shift (Mac OS) or
  • Ctrl+Shift (Windows) or
  • Right click > Move tab to left/right pane

Where is the thelook_ecommerce dataset?
  1. Search for "bigquery-public-data"
  2. Pin the project
  3. Clear the search
  4. Expand the bigquery-public-data project and you should see thelook_ecommerce dataset.

See here for details.