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The Matrix Problem

Here's a quote from The Matrix

quote = """The title bar reads:  "Combat Series 10 of 12," file\ncategories flashing beneath it:  Savate, Jujitsu, Ken Po,\n Drunken Boxing..."""

Let Tank, Neo's instructor, get a list of martial arts Neo has learnt.

Expected result
expected = ['Savate', 'Jujitsu', 'Ken Po', 'Drunken Boxing']

Note these are strings between commas after the word "categories" and the next colon. Try to accomplish the task with a single regex pattern that would match all occurrences in the string.

Mind that you will need the PyPi regex module to achieve this. Make sure you install it by running pip install regex (or pip3 install regex if you are working in Linux) in your console/terminal.

Regex Functions
Function Description Return Value
re.findall(pattern, string, flags=0) Find all non-overlapping occurrences of pattern in string list of strings, or list of tuples if > 1 capture group
re.finditer(pattern, string, flags=0) Find all non-overlapping occurrences of pattern in string iterator yielding match objects, string, flags=0) Find first occurrence of pattern in string match object or None
re.split(pattern, string, maxsplit=0, flags=0) Split string by occurrences of pattern list of strings
re.sub(pattern, repl, string, count=0, flags=0) Replace pattern with repl new string with the replacement(s)
Regex Patterns
Pattern Description
[abc] a or b or c
[^abc] not (a or b or c)
[a-z] a or b ... or y or z
[1-9] 1 or 2 ... or 8 or 9
\d digits [0-9]
\D non-digits [^0-9]
\s whitespace [ \t\n\r\f\v]
\S non-whitespace [^ \t\n\r\f\v]
\w alphanumeric [a-zA-Z0-9_]
\W non-alphanumeric [^a-zA-Z0-9_]
. any character
x* zero or more repetitions of x
x+ one or more repetitions of x
x? zero or one repetitions of x
{m} m repetitions
{m,n} m to n repetitions
{m,n} m to n repetitions
\\, \., \* backslash, period, asterisk
\b word boundary
^hello starts with hello
bye$ ends with bye
(...) capture group
(po|go) po or go

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